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  1. Janne van Gilst
    1991, Colijnsplaat

    I work as a photographer, organizer and researcher on self initiated projects and assignments.

    In my work, I focus on our environment and how we shape and relate to it. The visible or invisible histories of the landscapes that surround us have a lot of influence on our lives. I aim to show how these histories manifest themselves. I frequently use archival material, oral histories and found objects in combination with my photography. 

    I am based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

    My work is for sale on Patty Morgan

    For any inquiries, collaborations or questions, please contact me:




    2009 – 2013 – Documentary Photography, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
    2008 – 2009 – Preparatory year, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

    2015 – Selection Foto Kees Scherer Prijs 
    2013 – Unseen Dummy Award Shortlist

    2018 – 'Zeeland, Land in Zee', CBK Zeeland, Middelburg
    2018 – Saudade: An Intersection of Archives and Art, Twelve Twelve Gallery, Den Haag
    2017 – This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
    2017 – Budvar Young Art Event #2, Nest, Den Haag
    2017 – PLAY TIME in collaboration with Windmakers, Kunstvlaai Festival, SSBA Salon, Amsterdam
    2016 – This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
    2016 – 'My name in 100 colophons' by Vincent van Baar, LhGWR, The Hague
    2016 – Benefit exhibition, Vleeshal, Middelburg
    2016 – (DE)CONSTRUCTED LANDSCAPES, Ministry of Education, Utrecht
    2016 – A Print Factory/SBK Kunstuitleen, Amsterdam
    2016 – Designkwartier, The Hague
    2015 – A Print Factory/A Gallery Named Sue, Art The Hague, The Hague
    2015 – Designkwartier, The Hague
    2015 – Momentum Noord-Beveland, Nicolaaskerk, Kortgene
    2014 – Flash Expo, Amsterdam Photo, Amsterdam
    2014 – Kunstschouw 2014, Duinhotel, Burgh-Haamstede
    2014 – Groupshow ‘Zeeuwse Lichting‘, CBK Zeeland, Middelburg

    2019 – 'Paard en berijder staan strak in het gelid voor portrettenserie Janne van Gilst over de Straô', PZC
    2019 – 'Janne van Gilst zoekt donateurs voor haar fotoboek over de strao', Wereldregio
    2019 – 'Weg met de wintergeesten', In Beeld, NRC 
    2019 – 'Zeeland door de ogen van Janne van Gilst', Groôs op Zeêland
    2018 – 'Zeeland, land in zee', Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant
    2018 – 'Janne van Gilst fotografeerde ruiter en paard bij zes strao's', Wereldregio
    2017 – 'Saudade: waar archief en kunst elkaar ontmoeten', Archievenblad nr. 6
    2016 –  Interview about 'Landscape Icons', Platea Magazine

    Other activities
    2018 – Coördinator Studium Generale, KABK
    2017 – Museum Teacher, Museum Meermanno, The Hague
    2017 – 2018 Project assistent, Hans van der Meer
    2015 – Co-founder of Windmakers art initiative, The Hague